Brochure Video Production

The PitchPack are a London based Video Brochure Production services group. Over the years, our team has handled Video Production for the likes of British Council, English Heritage , ESAB, General Electric, GSK, Kofax and many others.



Unlike most Video Production companies, our experience means we take a properly holistic view on what we do. A video on its own is just a piece of collateral. However, when included as part of an integrated marketing / communications campaign, it can be really powerful.  It could be as simple as a series of Voxpops, right through to a fully fledged corporate video.



That’s why when the PitchPack get involved in your video production, one of the first questions you’ll hear from us is “What does overall success from this project look like to you”? If the answer is “We want more customers” or “We want our people to buy into this new process”, then we’ll apply ourselves to your goal. Integration is the name of the game.



The PitchPack team will help as little or as much as you need. Our extensive tried and tested network mean we’ll find exactly who and what’s needed to get you where you want to go.