Corporate Event Video Brochures

Make your next event come alive!

After several recent enquiries about using PitchPack video brochures with events, the team have put together a couple of packages aimed at both invitations and takeaways.

With information overload at an all time high, the challenge of being noticed grows daily. Video Brochures solve this challenge through being completely standalone and innovative enough to get the attention of your audience.

Event Invitations

From an AGM, conference, product launch or any event you want to make an impression with, why not use PitchPack to raise awareness? Imagine your participants opening a pack to find a personalised message from the CEO or other event instigator? The pack will also include key details about location, dates and how to RSVP.

PitchPack will help you through the process, from preparing the packs, shooting/editing video, even handling distribution globally if required.

Event Takeaways

Most events end with participants travelling home or back to the office. Imagine if they could walk out of your event with all the key highlights summarised in video on your own custom Video brochure. Not only could they revisit key messages, but also easily share them with colleagues. Alternatively, PitchPack can send them on after the event, allowing some time for you to reflect on what else you may want to say.

The PitchPack partner with EventExtra, who have 8 years experience of producing event video for sharing with remote audiences.

Make a Corporate Event Video Brochure enquiry today – Let PitchPack help your next event stand out!

Process flow

Process flow