Video Brochure Production Process

Whilst our creativity is limitless, the process we use to get results is systematic.

Your challenges include:

  • Getting meetings with new prospective clients
  • Increasing the value of your current client base
  • Demonstrating the value your business brings to customers
  • Succinctly explaining your products and services


We start from your challenge, then work through the creative process right upto how your outcomes will be achieved.  

  1. Early stage discussion to define your anticipated outcomes
  2. Written proposal produced
  3. Project go ahead agreed
  4. Research facts and figures to support your argument
  5. Core message of packs and video/s drafted and finalised
  6. Visual treatment and protagonists agreed
  7. “PitchPacks” designed
  8. One signed off, filming begins
  9. All assets signed off
  10. Video/s goes into production
  11. Packs go into production
  12. Video master edit produced
  13. Final changes to packs and videos made
  14. Support vehicles such as micro-websites, additional collaterals implemented
  15. Finished packs delivered to you or fulfilled to your prospects and clients
  16. Outcomes evaluated after agreed time period