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Video Brochures–Starter Package

By Matt O’Neill

Some customers find the variable costs associated with video production make using PitchPack Video Brochures prohibitive.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a ‘starter’ package which contains everything you need to differentiate your product/service/initiative, but with completely predictable costs:

  • 100 x A5 PitchPack Video Brochures (4.3″ screen, maximum 4 videos)
  • Pack design / copywriting according to your needs
  • Upto 2 x 60-90 second introduction / benefit Voxpop videos filmed on your premises*
  • Single page ‘response’ website – Easily facilitating responses via computer and mobile optimised form

Stater Package Video Brochures PitchPack

How much does it cost?
All this for £6000.00 – No hidden charges!*
How does PitchPack drive business?
With so much competition for client attention, PitchPack is the perfect way to help you stand out from the crowd. And with clear, predictable costs, there’s no reason not to. One recent client (software and technology) achieved a 10% conversion rate* using PitchPack – double their average.
*Conversion = meeting with a senior prospective decision maker.
Get in touch today – Let PitchPack help you win more, higher value business!