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Event Invitations and Takeaways

By Matt O’Neill

We get a lot of enquiries from businesses looking to use Video Brochures to deliver impact at forthcoming events. As a result, we’ve partnered with the team at EventExtra to develop a packaged offer.
Make your invite stand out from the crowd!
You’re planning a high profile event for important stakeholders. Have you considered sending a Video Brochure with a message from the CEO, inviting your VIP’s to attend? Imagine the impact compared with an email message?

Make an impact with participants after they leave your event!
Or maybe you want to give people a unique takeaway? Imagine being able to hand your delegates a video brochure as they leave? Containing key edited highlights, product demonstrations and other delegates endorsing your message! The team at EventExtra have years of experience creating engaging event video and getting it out to remote audiences quickly.

The PitchPack team can work with you to:

  • Work with you to plan a process that will work
  • Produce engaging video
  • Make your pack visually appealing
  • Produce all video brochures in advance
  • Upload all content in time for when you need to distribute the packs
  • Handle fulfilment in the case of packs being sent before the event

Sounds interesting? Make a video brochure enquiry today.